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    Do you think that this man is a good example for sport? Sport for me mean fairplay, I don't think that He has been a good example, expecially for teenagers, children that follow the stars (was he a star?)

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    • i agree with what you have said he has been a total let down because when he wasn't cheating or anything like tht he would race well be tht was hardly eva but alonso is like the main idol if you get what i mean he drivers clean and fair and knows when he is in the wrong which is hardly eva and he is a main idol for people in motorsport and sport in general reli ( and no he wasn't a star he is a waste of space i think)

    • The only driver in f1 history to be stripped of his 2nd position in the championship in 1997 and forced to do a road safty course - say's enough !!
      for a real role model try fangio,moss,lauda and rosberg they all drove to the max but also knew the dangers and never tryed to cause crashes unlike some.

    • and what do you think about hamilton who said 'Michael Schumacher inspired me' only few weeks ago? why if for you only italians ignore what is 'fairplay' has a young Briton driver said that?

      M. Schumacher inspired me - Hamilton
      Sunday 15 April at 17:04 : Lewis Hamilton does not hesitate for long when he is asked to nominate someone who inspired him.

      The McLaren rookie, who could on Sunday make history by becoming the first driver to ever finish his first three grands prix on the podium, said seven time world champion Michael Schumacher "always gave 100 per cent".

      "I met Michael last year," Briton Hamilton, 22, told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag in Bahrain, "and he said something to me that I will never forget.

      "I was walking in the paddock in Turkey and he stopped me and said, 'Fantastic race. What you did today was outstanding'."

      Schumacher, now 38 and still an 'advisor' for the Ferrari team, was referring to Hamilton's inspirational drive through the field in GP2.

      Asked if the German is still a role model, Hamilton answered: "Absolutely. And not just as a driver.

      "He didn't have to say that to me. Other drivers achieved far less than he did but are much more arrogant.

      "His ambition and dedication impressed me; before his last ever race he was still testing. He always gave 100 per cent, right up to the last second.