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  • Danny Danny Jun 7, 2007 16:40 Flag

    Villenueve Stirring?

    I find the timing of Jacques Villneuve's comments interesting, especially in light of the non-agressive start Hamilton made in the Monaco GP. Is he racing anywhere soon? Oh, is it Le Mans? Could yet another contraversial statement from the whinging ex-World Champ actually be mroe about his need to maintain media interest in himself after his departure from F1 last year? Smoke/fire etc etc!

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    • Put quite simply JV was the biggest overrated pile of tosh probably to enter F1. This t*at was taken to the wire by Schu in 1997 when JV had a car that was so fast that a granny could have won the championship in.

      He went to BAR to prove himself that he could do as good a job as Schu in building a team around him and look where that took him? The pussy basically has no motor racing common sense left in him. 'Hamilton dangerous and acting like Schu' he said. Hahahahahahahha. Sour grapes to me.

    • I think the Villenueve is feeling the pressure of being part of a three driver team at the worlds greatest motor race. He will also be in for a shock if he ignores flags (which he has a record for). It won't be a stop go penalty like in F1, it will be a 4 or 5 minute penalty and will affect the two other drivers in his car. He is used to the lone wolf style of racing in sprint races. Endurance is a team effort between the drivers and the pit crew. Also driving at 200 mph in the pitch dark is also something that will be alien to him. The first time he will drive the circuit at night will be in Wednesdays second qualifying.

    • I agree Villneuve is just whining for media attention and the fact that he wasn't competitive for about his last 8 seasons and dwindled in to a miserable existance - so he decides to take it out on the most successful new comer in F1? Villneuve has always been all mouth and no trousers and even won the championship under suspect circumstances (been disqualified and still allowed to race by the fia?)
      To be honest I think Hamilton has driven fantastically, however Alonso still has the upper hand through experience, although they both have incredible raw talent. As for being black flagged? This only occurs through genuine malitious driving - which is clearly not Hamilton's mentality and could be more suited to another 7 times world champ?

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      • I agree Villneuve is just a winging has been or more to the point a never was, it sounds like sour grapes to me. I think Hamilton is going to be a future world champion....he's a racer just like Nigel Mansell was...exciting. Although I couldn't stand MS, he was a good driver but some of his antics were more dangerious than anything Hamilton has done...give the lad a chance

    • Villenueve is spot on and there was a row about Hamilton's tactics at the start of the season. He is a dangerous driver, overrated and all the british media hype of his 'great talent' is getting to his head; he actually thought he was prevented from overtaking Alonso at Monaco. Hamilton's true colours, as well as his mediocre skill level will come to light in time. Watch for Kubica and Rosberg, both much better drivers unfortunately in less competitive cars. Mark my words, Kubica will be a World Champion in a few years time.

      P.S. I like all F1 drivers, but Hamilton is #$%$ and he will be in NASCAR with Montoya(other #$%$) in a short time. You'll see...

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      • adam while you are hoping for Kubica to be world champ in afew years have you considered that the guy you have just called mediocre ie Hamilton could be Champ this year?

      • You are on another world hamilton dangerous?? i have watched worse driving from j.p.m and let us not forget the amount of crashes a certain 7 times world champion had in his racing days.
        You call hamilton mediocre have you checked his wins he has done to get to f1?? kubica and rosberg have missed the boat along with button and will amount to nothing special.
        Give credit to the lad who is just at the start of f1 and done more than many do in there total racing days.

      • Thanks for using my post as an opportunity to bash a driver you clearly don't like, but not answering the original topic. However, as a response, I'd like to say that all the media I've seen Hamilton give has been incredibly level headed. The AutoSport article on the McLaren tactics was also incredibly revealing regarding the Alonso/Hamilton situation, but you'll have to spend your own money to find out about that! I think it's also fair to point out that most, if not all 22 drivers have great talent, otherwise they wouldn't be sitting the an F1 car. It would be interesting to see how many are on wage versus paying for a seat. Finally, I would question your motives on actually using an F1 discussion board if you think all F1 drivers are scum.