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  • Danny Danny Jun 7, 2007 17:10 Flag

    Villenueve Stirring?

    Thanks for using my post as an opportunity to bash a driver you clearly don't like, but not answering the original topic. However, as a response, I'd like to say that all the media I've seen Hamilton give has been incredibly level headed. The AutoSport article on the McLaren tactics was also incredibly revealing regarding the Alonso/Hamilton situation, but you'll have to spend your own money to find out about that! I think it's also fair to point out that most, if not all 22 drivers have great talent, otherwise they wouldn't be sitting the an F1 car. It would be interesting to see how many are on wage versus paying for a seat. Finally, I would question your motives on actually using an F1 discussion board if you think all F1 drivers are scum.

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    • I do find it rather sweet justice that Hamilton has now won the last two Grand Prix...as for JV, well perhaps he'll get to finish LM in 2008. Mind you, with the weather there (and I was there, ankle deep in the mud) I think I'd have got out of the car too!