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  • why was massa black flaged and alonso only got a ten second stop. isn't that a bit one sided?? also why did they blame Jarno Trulli for Roberts crash?

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    • They were two different offenses. Alonso entered the pit lane whilst it was closed. Massa and Fisichella exited the pit lane whilst the exit was closed and controlled by a red light. The ignoring of a light signal is the same as ignoring a flag signal and is a basic rule of all motorsport. For once the FIA Stewards acted quickly and correctly in regarding this serious offence committed by two very experianced race car drivers.

    • Alonso HAD to go into the pit lane for fuel or be a hazard on the track. This is "allowed" with a 10 second stop/go penalty.

      On the other hand Mass left the pit lane when the exit was closed for safety reasons (the safety car being in the vicinity or about to pass the exit).

      It is all in the rules, and not some arbitary decision by the local officials.