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  • They were two different offenses. Alonso entered the pit lane whilst it was closed. Massa and Fisichella exited the pit lane whilst the exit was closed and controlled by a red light. The ignoring of a light signal is the same as ignoring a flag signal and is a basic rule of all motorsport. For once the FIA Stewards acted quickly and correctly in regarding this serious offence committed by two very experianced race car drivers.

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    • ok question for equality

      when a backmarker ignores 3 blue flags this can destroy a drivers race, but he will only be penalised with a 10 second penalty

      massa and fisi ignored a red light and got black flagged. should by your theory every backmarker ignoring blue flags be black flagged?

      discuss please

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      • Red Flag or light means either session/race stopped. Slow down and proceed to the startline or pitlane as instructed by the marshals or stop at the pit exit. The Blue flag means a faster driver is trying to pass or lap you. Ignoring a red flag or light is a far more serious offence than ignoring a blue as a red flag/light is an instruction and blue is an advisory flag. Techinally the offence is the same but in reality ignoring RED or YELLOW flags is a far more serious offence as it puts marshals and drivers in mortal danger and ignoring the blue is only affecting the driver trying to overtake. As an Observer I would report red or yellow flag infringements more urgently than blue flag infringements