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    US not vital Grand Prix says Bernie

    What is this man thinking?? He says that the US market is not important for F1. I doubt the manufacturers feel the same as he does, considering the US is the largest consumer of BMW's, Toyota's, Honda's, Mercedes etc.. in the world. Also need I remind him that the return to the US in 2000 had the largest attendence of any race ever in F1 history, over 200K. How could he compare venues like Baharain or India to the US. Have you seen how poorly attended the race was at Baharain. Could it be Bernie that these countries and thier rich occupants are offering a lot more money to stage an event there. Granted, F1 is not as large in the US as other sports, but I speak for many other loyal F1 fans that there are enough of us here that we far outweight the fan basis than in a tiny little country like Dubai. In fact, Indy may have a black eye from the Michelin affair and quite frankly not the most exciting town in the world, but from a race fans perspective, probably one of the best viewing tracks on the circuit. Indy is the only track that I have been to that actually allows you to walk around the infield and view the different corners and track that could be of interest. As I said, not the best city for the event, but certainly a race fans track for viewing. In my opinion, the US could support 2 venues, like the old days. (Long Beach and Watkins Glen)

    Bernie......pull your head out. You honestly don't believe we are supposed to agree that you have this sports best interest in mind. Please sell, retire,.....something, but just move over.

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    • Have been attending GP's around the world since I was 10 and lived in Ithaca, NY for two years. I have also raced both F Ford and now an Exige and once took some hot laps at 170 in a NASCAR on my second lap(No Skill needed to drive these cars) The reason that Bernie's comment has some merit is that we have millions of beer drinking, shunt desiring, resdnecks that think racing on an oval is competitive and worth wasting a few hours watching. Until the American public accepts that there is a night and day difference in skill and technology, the TV market will be limited.

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      • Bernie's comments have no merit...

        1. If he wanted a large fan base in the US he should have found another venue when Phoenix was dropped. He would've capitalized on the Indy Car sanction split and would've been sitting well in the US.

        2. He's looking for a larger fan base and higher attendance at events who will promote the event. However, he awards races to Malaysia, Turkey, China, Bahrain and Singapore. The first four of which never have much attendance.

        Face it. He doesn't care about the fans.

        F1 will be a much better series when Bernie is gone.

    • Bernie is a dick, indy gp was a good race the fist turn during the race saw some great action. the crowds were big and george was a good host who else would put up with the tire deal and still want the race. Sorry the town is not a party capital. I'll bet for a average person Barian is where we all like to party.
      I have been to four of the us granprix and taken crap from my peers about it now i guess they are right F1 is a bunch of rich boys playing with themself.

    • It is terrible to lose the us gp and maybe silverstone also when we have races in hungary where the facilitys are shocking and the only reason monaco is still there is because it was there at the start if any other track had the hassle the teams and fans have to endure it wouldn't get a race at all.
      As for more asia races just highlights what bernie thinks of the european and american fans when it is in reality nothing to do with fans or the track just tv ratings and how much cash he can get by holding a race in a eastern country.

    • Great point Kyle! If Bernie is dumb enough to not understand the value of the American market...then he should step aside and ride off into the sunset. As far as Indy goes.....by far it's the best value for your viewing money. I'm not sure what all of you pompous asses are looking for in a venue....but Indy does an excellent job in hosting this event. It may not have the nightlife you are looking for (although not bad if you know the town), but if that comes before the race, your opinion doesn't count in my book anyway!!!!

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      • Alan I couldn't have said it any better. Today is a sad day for Americans who follow F1. Quite frankly, when a little island like Singapore rates over the US for a venue, it's a real shame.

        Thanks Tony for trying, I'm sure you just didn't want to pay his stupid asking price and have to have ridiculous ticket prices for the fans.

        Maybe its time to follow Moto GP.

    • F1 doesnt need the US because US arrogance doesnt support a sport that is truely global or a sport that the rest of the world enjoys, guys keep your american football and nascar its crap....

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      • Have you attended the USGP at Indy? You would change your somewhat bothersome opinion of us in the US.

        "US arrogance" is a poor "one bad apple spoils the bunch" type remark. It's like me saying all Brits are pampas gold diggers who look like Beatle impersonating drag queens... But then again I'd be comparing you all to Bernie and though you may think so, I'm not arrogant enough to believe that.

        I've been to all 8 of the USGP's at Indy and I'll continue if they come back. I enjoy the IMS hospitality, the city and the Olympic type environment that comes with it. The Speedway has done everything right. If a long-term deal can't be reached it's all on Bernie's head.

        I'll agree with you that nascar is #$%$ though. Keep your football/soccer. I'll stand by American Football.


      • someone from england talking about arrogance? i went to the canadian gp last weekend and had a blast. for those of you who have never been to a NASCAR race, you should go to one before you laugh it off. both sports require guts and skill, so give credit where credit is due. as far as american football goes, you might find it boring over in the uk, but try to be an american and sit through cricket. in the end that's the only sound you hear is the crickets.

      • how is it the americans hold the world series of many things such as baseball and yet they never move outside the usa?

    • Hey everyone, I'm not that huge of an F1 fan, but I do live in Indy. I have lived and visited other places and I think for the pure size of the USGP, Indy and the IMS know how to do it. They have the infrastructure both at the IMS as well as the city. I mean we do hold the single largest sporting event in the world. I would agree that somewhere like Vegas or Laguna Seca might be sexier/more entertaining, but the folks in Indy are die-hard race fans and help make the F1 race as large as it is. Just my .02 cents.

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      • The Indy is not the largest single sporting event in the world. Far from it.
        Average attendance - Indy - 270,000

        2006 Canadian F1 Grand Prix - 332,000
        Adelaide Clipsal 500 - 286,000
        Australian F1 Grand Prix, Adelaide - 301,000 (2007), 327,000 (2006)

        I've been to almost every Indy 500 and F1 race at the brickyard for the last 5 years and this year I was very disappointed. There was nothing special downtown the weekend of F1 for the fans staying in the city. There were no roadsigns or special banners celebrating race weekend. In fact, they still had Indy 500 banners up elsewhere.

        Inside the Brickyard, there were few sideshow events, fewer than prior years, poor choices of beer (despite a more discerning, international audience) and worst of all, the booths had run out of Maclaren and Ferrari shirts in almost every size.

        I conclude that Tony George did not make an effort to keep the GP in Indianapolis and The City of Indianapolis did not make an effort to do their part.

        Vegas would be a terrible place to hold this - I'd like to see it on the East coast somewhere.

    • Negotiating ploy hopefully? Renewing the contract and trying to squeeze more money out of Tony George's pocket. Not anything very surprising from Bernie, but still slimey in my opinion.

      As to Indy not being a very good city for an F1 race, that may be true, but I have visited India. :-)

      If they think Indy is a bit "2nd or 3rd Class" as compared to Monaco, et al, wait until the "pretty people" fly into Banglore, Mumbai or Calcutta. If they think it's a big drop down to Indy, boy oh boy, are they in for an awakening!!!

      The people are extremely pleasant, the food awesome, but the infrastructure and overall ambiance of the country could use quite a bit of polishing before hosting an event like a GP. I have many friends and coworkers in India, but that is my opinion, and I believe the majority of the people in India would probably not disagree all that much.

      I am from the US, and I think those of us that love F1 would always want to see a GP in our country, as most of the world would want one in their own country. Having said that, I think I would rather see Bernie and the rest of the F1 world visit "a more lucrative market" for a season or two, and then come crawling back to the single largest market on the planet. :-) I think Tony George may get a reduced price after a season or two.

    • Well its not that I agree with Bernie but the US GP is my least favorite, so if it leaves the calender I would not mind.

    • Totally agree with you....the little twerp is only interested in lining his own pockets..he does not have F1 interest's at heart..he doesn't give a stuff what is best for the sport or fans..I for one wish he would just crawl up his own #$%$ and go away