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  • ScottyC ScottyC Jun 17, 2007 10:25 Flag

    US not vital Grand Prix says Bernie

    Finally there is an idea I can agree with as a solution to the USGP controversy. Laguna Seca, with or without modifications would be perfect site for the Grand Prix. If not the sole race, it could be an additional site as suggested by some of the drivers. Has F1 explored this possibility? Laguna Seca has been successful in hosting the U.S. Moto GP and has also run fantastic IMSA and CART venues. The Monterey Peninsula has a more international mindset when it comes to value of the F1 community.

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    • I would agree that Laguna Seca would be a formidable place to host the USGP, but there are others too. Formula One has never "really" been about race spectators viewership. Case in point, if you watch the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, there are probably less fans attending the event in the grandstands than most grand prix and this is the home track for Ferrari!

      It's about the television ad revenue and since F1 is a global televison market, what the sponsors are paying F1 tv ads are far staggering than what it would cost for a :30 sec Super Bowl commercial.

      Back to another host of the USGP. Watkins Glen, Road America, Long Beach all "historic" sites and they've provided great racing throughout the years but for my money, the best place I feel the USGP should be held...and get this.

      Homestead Miami Speedway.

      Laugh, if you may. But look at what this modern day marvel can bring that Indy can't. International flavor from Europe, South America and abroad. South Beach. Key West. Plenty of sunshine. And get this, when the sun goes down, you have a venue that can "with the flick of a switch" go night racing, something Indy sure as hell can't do. And night racing is also something Bernie and FIA's Max Moseley are considering for their future. Homestead has a pretty decent road course, 2.21 miles but I'm sure they can "alter" it for F1 taste like the multi-banking of the turns. This is one event where they'll be a pack house everytime. Ask yourself this. If someone offered you a vacation to Miami/South Beach or Indianapolis, which would you pick?...lol

      Considering ISC/The France Family own HMS, they may feel that they would be "slighting" the NASCAR family in dealing with Bernie and the F1 circus, but for the money that could come out it they may make out like bandits and I'm quite sure the State Of Florida would contribute a "nice penny" to see it arrive there also.