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  • Randall L Randall L Jun 17, 2007 23:56 Flag

    US not vital Grand Prix says Bernie

    Hey everyone, I'm not that huge of an F1 fan, but I do live in Indy. I have lived and visited other places and I think for the pure size of the USGP, Indy and the IMS know how to do it. They have the infrastructure both at the IMS as well as the city. I mean we do hold the single largest sporting event in the world. I would agree that somewhere like Vegas or Laguna Seca might be sexier/more entertaining, but the folks in Indy are die-hard race fans and help make the F1 race as large as it is. Just my .02 cents.

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    • The Indy is not the largest single sporting event in the world. Far from it.
      Average attendance - Indy - 270,000

      2006 Canadian F1 Grand Prix - 332,000
      Adelaide Clipsal 500 - 286,000
      Australian F1 Grand Prix, Adelaide - 301,000 (2007), 327,000 (2006)

      I've been to almost every Indy 500 and F1 race at the brickyard for the last 5 years and this year I was very disappointed. There was nothing special downtown the weekend of F1 for the fans staying in the city. There were no roadsigns or special banners celebrating race weekend. In fact, they still had Indy 500 banners up elsewhere.

      Inside the Brickyard, there were few sideshow events, fewer than prior years, poor choices of beer (despite a more discerning, international audience) and worst of all, the booths had run out of Maclaren and Ferrari shirts in almost every size.

      I conclude that Tony George did not make an effort to keep the GP in Indianapolis and The City of Indianapolis did not make an effort to do their part.

      Vegas would be a terrible place to hold this - I'd like to see it on the East coast somewhere.