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  • Merritt Merritt Jul 29, 2007 08:26 Flag

    US not vital Grand Prix says Bernie

    Have been attending GP's around the world since I was 10 and lived in Ithaca, NY for two years. I have also raced both F Ford and now an Exige and once took some hot laps at 170 in a NASCAR on my second lap(No Skill needed to drive these cars) The reason that Bernie's comment has some merit is that we have millions of beer drinking, shunt desiring, resdnecks that think racing on an oval is competitive and worth wasting a few hours watching. Until the American public accepts that there is a night and day difference in skill and technology, the TV market will be limited.

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    • Bernie's comments have no merit...

      1. If he wanted a large fan base in the US he should have found another venue when Phoenix was dropped. He would've capitalized on the Indy Car sanction split and would've been sitting well in the US.

      2. He's looking for a larger fan base and higher attendance at events who will promote the event. However, he awards races to Malaysia, Turkey, China, Bahrain and Singapore. The first four of which never have much attendance.

      Face it. He doesn't care about the fans.

      F1 will be a much better series when Bernie is gone.