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    As everybody is goes on about him now he has gone have we all forgot thecrashes with hill in 1994 especialy in australia and the banned traction control and fuel filter that was removed? and black flagged at silverstone 94.
    Have we forgot irvine who just protected him from others as was his team orders as a #2 or the b team orders that were given to slow the williams or villeneuve down in 1997 or the crash into him in jerez that resulted in him losing his final position in the world championship that has never happened before or since.
    Have we also forgot him being pushed by marshalls back into races and wanting them to risk there lives running across the track to do so.
    And let us remember all his other crashes into dc,senna,jpm,hill,jv?
    The most famouse parking at monaco to hamper all the others qualifying lap.
    The flexi rear wing and complaining to the fia about the mclaren 2nd break pedal and the renault mas dampner when they clearly cannot rise to the technical challenge and there own dodgy sized barge board or illegal fuel 1995 along with williams.
    The fia and especialy bernie showing he wanted a ferrari champion along with help frem the monza marshalls that was later admitted to as wrong when they accused alsono of blocking.
    So did any other great like fangio,prost or stewart have to resort to any or all of these points? no schumachers records do not tell the whole story as many schumacher and ferrari fans would have us think.

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