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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 16, 2007 20:20 Flag

    Why do you discuss only about Schumacher?

    Let's talk about this championship: Schu is out of games, stop these threads about him.

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    • Before Schumi made it big... It was Senna the great F1 driver... then he was replaced with Schumi the greatest FI driver.. there will be somene to BEAT THAT for sure.

    • Do you not like people airing their views on how MS was not the great driver that you seem to think he was...yes he was good but he was also a cheat and would stop at nothing including knocking people off the track...messing up other driver's qualifying times...anything to win races fair and square. A great driver is honest and fair...sadly he was not.

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      • Well, then you can say the same about a lot of drivers who wouldn't hesitate to send you in the gravel for a win or just a podium.
        From Lauda to Prost, Mansell, Hill, Senna, Schumi and others.

        Some here like to think they're all angels!

        Not long ago it was Alonso trying to force his way through the first turn of the race, and then complaining that he lost some time touching his opponent (was it Massa?)

        Another time it's Coulthard trying to cut someone off on a tight turn, flying off the road and into the gravel...flying all over the place.

        It's a man's sport, but the rules are not the same when he's german and he's running for an italian team, all of a sudden he deserves to be hated for it.

        This whole schumi talk is a bit dated on top of it. So let go and accept that the guy was a winner.

      • You can discus whatever you want. You can call him cheat but nothing will change the fact that he`s 7 times world champion.

        Whatever comparisons we draw... Shumi didnt win the championship on his debut season and Hamilton is going to win it... Senna won agaist great champions and Shumi didnt(winning 7 / 11 himself there`s no space for other great champions)... Senna had the best car and Barricelo didnt... and all the other sorts of pointless comparisons, we can never find out for sure that X drives is/was better then Y driver.

        So the closest you can get to finding who`s the best ever driver in F1, or if X driver is/was better then Y driver... is by looking at the statistics.

        And the record books clearly say that Shumi is the best ever driver in F1 and he`ll keep hold of those records for at least another 7 years... untill then, enjoy F1 and take care.