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  • IronMaiden_RuLeZ IronMaiden_RuLeZ Jun 22, 2007 16:12 Flag

    Why do you discuss only about Schumacher?

    You can discus whatever you want. You can call him cheat but nothing will change the fact that he`s 7 times world champion.

    Whatever comparisons we draw... Shumi didnt win the championship on his debut season and Hamilton is going to win it... Senna won agaist great champions and Shumi didnt(winning 7 / 11 himself there`s no space for other great champions)... Senna had the best car and Barricelo didnt... and all the other sorts of pointless comparisons, we can never find out for sure that X drives is/was better then Y driver.

    So the closest you can get to finding who`s the best ever driver in F1, or if X driver is/was better then Y driver... is by looking at the statistics.

    And the record books clearly say that Shumi is the best ever driver in F1 and he`ll keep hold of those records for at least another 7 years... untill then, enjoy F1 and take care.

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    • Every racer wants to win.If he doens't want to win he not a racer.If u want to win u must think other will lose right.
      U think that is ok.Look a race can have only one winner not two.All people weather shumi,senna,hamilton.Wants the same they wanted to win and they want others to lose rt.