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  • Bom Shiva Bom Shiva Jun 18, 2007 03:00 Flag

    TV coverage

    Isn't it about time that they had a race coverage that used someone who actually liked F1 ? On the last 12/13 laps at Indy we followed the 2 Ferrari cars for 6 laps and only went back to the 2 leads when they were just about to cross the line, it reminds me of a saying from the 60's/70's, 'Gis a job' as anyone could do better than the programme director(s) (or whoever) that ITV 4 makes the viewer put up with.

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    • You have to wonder sometimes what goes on in the heads of these program directors. We the viewers are at the mercy of these so called professionals and have to put up with the feed that gets broadcasted. I can remember numerous times when the sportcasters on Speed constantly lambasted the director for showing meaningless scenes of the garages when there had to be action on the track getting ignored. I think during the Spanish GP qualifying, the announcers were crying for some kind of attention on the track and all we got was mechanics picking their noses. Just kidding, but really. Isn't anyone in the booth watching the action?

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      • I agree with you....who wants to see mechanics sitting around watching their TV screens when there is action on the track....I won't even mention the ad breaks....give the screening rights back to the BBC....I sometimes record the live showing then watch it as soon as it is finished so that I can just fast forward the ads. I do not know anyone who does not complain about the breaks