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  • stretchyb stretchyb Jun 18, 2007 03:38 Flag

    well done lewis

    well let me first congratulate lewis on another great win. well done.
    second in responce to what somebody put the other week he may not be quoted as the best uk driver we have seen for a long time but he is the best rookie we have seen since Michael Schumacher. long may he race and win

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    • the last new rookie i recall making such an impact in his first few races was a certain jaques villenueve

      whilst never being a fan of jv you cant take away from him he won only his fourth event and but for a problem would have beaten hill fair and square in australia

      whilist it could be deemed unfair to compare lewis to jaques as jaques had the indycar crown under his belt and also ten thou plus mileage lewis has to be the best prepared rookie to date as mclaren have not only funded his career to date, with that funding they have brought him up and developed and honed his skills

      maybe this will set a trend in developing youngsters earlier in there careers as a young 22 yr old showing a two time world champion the way in the same machinery aint a bad investment for ronnie and co

      roll on france