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    future of F1

    lets not get it twisted, F1 racing is probably the worst sport out there

    it was slowly dying, having such an uncharismatic and boring person like Schumacher dominate the sport for so many years added to the decline. For all you fans, be thankful that Hamilton brings something new to the table. He has the appeal to dramatically increase the appeal of this sport to the average person

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    • F1 has been on the rocks for one simple reason the rules i think if it were back to the old style slicks,no refueling or traction control and no small add ons to aid down force would help to cars actualy passing also get the old style qualifying back of 1 hour only and maybe add a point for pole and fastest race lap.
      It is not hard to see what worked will in the past just look at the 1980's -problem solved.

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      • for me F1 is being dulled by the feeble attempts by the FIA to slow down the cars, what happened to the pinicle of motor sport, no V10's no tyre wars restrictions on lots of other items, lets get back to proper F1 and stop playing to the environmental numpties and "road relevent technologies" if you want it to be road relevent try touring cars!

    • The worst sport out there? Have you never seen Indy car racing or NASCAR or what ever its called. Sure they get to overtake but you can see the same thing from any bridge over a motorway. The regular appearance of the safety car slows the traffic down, something we call queues on the motorway.

      Is Formula 1 really a sport when the participants are sat down during the whole of the event? I'm sure Redgrave and Pinsent would say rowing was a sport, but they have to put in the physical effort to move their vehicle.

      Since the mid-1990's, the engine quality has steadily improved until it is now relatively rare for cars to breakdown. Many tracks have been handicapped by extra corners and chicanes added to slow down the cars.

      Newer circuits are designed to make as much of the circuit visible to spectators in the main grandstand. This requires short straights and lots of corners. With so many short straights and corners on circuits overtaking is all but impossible. The torque of the engines of all teams is fairly even at lower speeds.

      The only racing at Formula 1 now seems to be for grid position. After the joustling for position on the first lap, the cars just play follow the leader to the end. Thank heavens for the "excitement" of the pit stops!

    • to call micheal boring is an intresting statement

      there was always something goin on around micheal wether it be one of his many stirling drives or one of the controversies

      yes he did the corporate bit extremly well as does every other driver these days i might add but where do u think they earn half there money

      the good information source leaks always show the racing part is one of the least paid bits and promotion and corporate events one of the more expensive