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  • DavIII DavIII Jun 24, 2007 23:19 Flag

    What's the skiiny on Stepney?

    Are Ferrari looking for a scapegoat, a way to get rid of the bloke without having to pay him off or something else. I find it hard to believe that an engineer of his calibre would deliberatley damage his team regardless of the situation within the team - it screws his reputation.

    Some of the reports suggests he 'fled' italy and why do this when he is away on a Ferrari booked holiday - very dubious.

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    • lol at the moment it bloody rains everywhere in England

    • Doesnt it always rain at Knockhill?!!! Sorry slightly off topic there !!

    • I met Derek Warwick a few years ago at knockhill i think it was his first btc win that day in the rain i also remember him to be very nice chap who made time for the fans.

    • Sorry I misunderstood what you said...yes you were right to put it that way. Did you know Derek Warwick started in stock car racing...well Superstox which comes under the heading of stock car racing, the same as Outlaw hotrods, GroupA hotrods 1300 stock cars lightening rods to name just a few, most people when hearing stock cars automatically think of Banger racing.

    • No disrespect to stock car racing or drivers it was just a example of how there should be rules in f1 in regard to safety and respect to all drivers rather than punting them off the track when it suits as some drivers in f1 have shown.
      I am sure the majority of the stock car racers still have there feet on the ground and do the sport great justice for racing for the enjoyment for them and the fans.

    • They are looking for a scapegoat, they're having a stinker of a time at present and they will blame someone, why not a britt engineer who has shown loyalty to the team since 1992.

      I don't understand why they won't go public and tell people what he is alleged to have one, i find it all very suspicious. The best thing for him to do is get out quick.

      As for ferrari, i find they're behaviour disgraceful. A team that has hogged the limelight for so many years now.
      I also find it very suspicious that all this is on the back of Schumacher rejoining the team. I think the FIA should get involved and demand an explaination as to they're, seemingly childish behaviour.

      But then Italians have never been big on loyalty have they, so why am i supprised. Get out Stepney, a british team will show loyalty, or any other team come to that.