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  • Robert Robert Jun 26, 2007 03:16 Flag

    What's the skiiny on Stepney?

    Will Stepney will blow the whistle on the cheating (or "bending" the rules) by Ferrari that got Schumacher most of his titles?

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    • Funny how things like that get you going, so-called Formula one fans...as long as you all happily slag Ferrari off.
      Go and look in Jean Todt's biography...what i personally see is someone who has re-invented racing both in Rally and F-1.
      The same cannot be said about any other team chief right now.

      I don't know how many messages on this board are full of myths and hatred towards Ferrari...a bit too much i think.
      In the meantime, all those messages say NOTHING.

      Cheating, bending of rules, everything you people blame on Ferrari (or Schumacher) could also be valid for McLaren, Williams, or Renault, or for any other pilot for that matter.

      If we look closer on this board, i'm sure we'll find that Hill, Mansell, Alonso, Hamilton, Coulthard, Button, Hakkinen, Sato, even Senna and the rest are all a bunch of Saints!! Wake up people, these are athletes who will use every trick in the book to get on top. We saw enough during the Senna/Prost years at McLaren/Honda.

      Jaleousy is a disease, get well soon people...

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      • Maybe the truth hurts?? the facts are there in the history of the sport that was once called the sport of gentlemen so i wouldn't call it "jelousy" just disgust at what a team and driver will do out with the term "sporting" to win so if we consider it ok to win by any means that even break the rules stated then why don't we change the name to stock cars.
        The rules broken are there in f1 facts****
        Some drivers and teams have standards and some as others as shown by your message just can't see past a over inflated ego or cannot realise there era is over.