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  • Damian Damian Jul 4, 2007 20:48 Flag

    Hamilton: Smooth but Soft??

    Thats precisely why all this talk about Lewis hamilton is a load of premature rubbish! Can you imagine Gilles Villeneuve or Ayrton Senna settling for third place or meekly surrendering to Alonso at the first corner in Monaco??

    For those of us lucky enough to have seen Villeneuve and Senna, i simply cannot get excited about a moderately talented albeit very fortunate rookie!

    The very best have an edge from day one.... be it F1 or boxing or rugby or any sport. I think you'd find if Mr Hamilton was stuck in a Toyota or Honda he'd be practically anonomous.

    It just seems to me that F1 right now encourages consistency rather than brilliance. If Mr Hamilton proves me wrong in the long term then good luck to the kid!

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    • So its better to risk an accident than to make prudent decisions? Makes sense! When he can win he does it, when he cant he does the best possible. The comment about getting more out of the car than its designed is silly, that is how people crash. You can go to the limit, past that is called an accident. Also, did anyone see the GP2 race? Yeah, the 1st and 2nd place drivers were aggressive and Senna like! They also were idiots.

      Fault the man for being intelligent. What about the brilliant starts and defensive moves he has made? He has made good passes too, though he has not had to do that too often.

      Some people try to make him a God, others look for silly reasons to belittle him. He has already proven you all wrong, he is doing the job just as well as a 2 time champion!! What more does he have to do?

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      • Please don't misunderstand, im not trying to belittle anyone, i just think the hype is over the top and even though Mr. Hamilton has done a good job the crux of my point was that the low risk, consistent approach is perhaps better suited to the modern F1 age.

        I may be wrong, but i think Ayrton Senna overtook more people on the first lap at Donningtron '93 than ive seen overtaking moves between the 'big 4' all season! He couldn't possibly have done that by playing safe and driving 'intelligently'. I watch sport to see the moments of brilliance, the small nuggets you remember for 20 years that still make you smile.....it just seems that F1 doesn't encourage these priceless moments anymore.