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  • Damian Damian Jul 5, 2007 20:33 Flag

    Hamilton: Smooth but Soft??

    Please don't misunderstand, im not trying to belittle anyone, i just think the hype is over the top and even though Mr. Hamilton has done a good job the crux of my point was that the low risk, consistent approach is perhaps better suited to the modern F1 age.

    I may be wrong, but i think Ayrton Senna overtook more people on the first lap at Donningtron '93 than ive seen overtaking moves between the 'big 4' all season! He couldn't possibly have done that by playing safe and driving 'intelligently'. I watch sport to see the moments of brilliance, the small nuggets you remember for 20 years that still make you smile.....it just seems that F1 doesn't encourage these priceless moments anymore.

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    • I think your right...!!!! And what doesn't help is the fact the cars have changed massively over the years but the tracks haven't. Now days 90% of true racing passes are done in the pits. the cars are too fast for the circuits. more often than not these days you only need to watch the first 3 laps and the last 2. the rest of the time they just follow each other around the track. wheres the spectcle in that. Its not the drivers faughlt if they all reach the next corner too fast to be able to put a move on the car in front.