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    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK


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    • Mclaren should have directed stepney(whistlebolwer) to the FIA. Instead they received the documents to examine how they could get the Ferrari floor boards deemed illegal. That is what they should be penalised for. I don't think point deductions are in order unless some of the technology found it's way onto the car, but certainly a fine, and most definitely jail time for both Stepney and Coughlan. Why is it that you feel Ferrari should be further punished for Stepney's stupidity? Also, Stepney didn't "Steal" the documents. In any business, an employee who leaks information to a competitor is more than likely let go or even prosectued. I've never seen a company penalised by a government agency when one of it's employee's flips. Your rationale is flawed a bit Bluefish.

    • Ferrari didn't get punished for cheating. Stepney is a Ferrari team member. He was the one who stole the information to give to either Honda or McLaren. It was Ferrari whose team screwed up, not Honda or McLaren. Ferrari is trying to hold McLaren responsible for something one of it's own team members did. It is utterly absurd. Ferrari should have points deducted and it looks like they're going to get off again.

    • "CHEATERS" as in using illegal parts on your car ?

      Then that will be ferrari CHEATERS then !!!!

      heh heh heh

    • This whole matter is ridiculous. Ferrari has someone on their team who is a thief. That member of their team gives information to another team. Now Ferrari is blaming the other team? This is an internal problem with Ferrari. The thief is one of Ferrari's own team members. McLaren didn't break into Ferrari's headquarters, nor did they hack into Ferrari's computers. Stepney stole the information, not Couglin. Ferrari probably should have points taken away for creating this fiasco. It discredits Formula One as a whole and makes McLaren look bad when they are not at fault. At the very least, Ferrari should be reprimanded.

    • I totally agree with you.. Mclaren totally cheated and the funny thing is that Ron Dennis is denying the fact!! They couldn't match the pace of the ferraris, so the best thing is to CHEAT!! Extremely DISGUSTING!! Well, one thing is clear about McLaren, IF YOU CAN'T WIN, YOU CHEAT!!

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      • abi_fan_shumi....I think you have got that round the wrong way mate.....it's Farrari that has that tactic...if they can't win, they cheat or complain about what other teams get to work and they can't...they are the biggest moaners and cheats in the history of F1 and that is a fact...you can check it out....but I know you won't because you will find it is true....I think you are the #$%$!!

      • Have you forgot ferrari moaning about the mclarens 2nd break or renaults mas dampner that ferrari had but couldn't make work.
        Now more recient items that ferrari got away with a flex rear wing and floor and now aero devices on the wheels.
        The only disgusting thing here is that ferrari have cheated and complained more in the sport than any other team... why? maybe because thay are just bad losers just like there biased fans.

    • I've heard, on good authority, that the Ferrari information that was stolen was plans for a special airgun to be used for replacing right front wheels. One can only wonder if McLaren used the info.

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      • Oh no, not the pizza boy again! :D
        But if this piece of info is actually true, then this whole spy saga is a bit of a damp squib. Has to be said, it's the first time someone's ever come out with a suggestion into WHAT info was stolen... Which is a clever question.

        Meanwhile, I've had no response on a thread that I thought would interest you lot: the Nurburgring round. After all, everyone moans about there being too much politics in F1, but no-one will talk about the events that actually count towards designating a champion! Oh well, please yourselves.

    • Still not as bad as the over rated 7 times joke champion.
      m.s. nobody will ever beat his record of getting away with it.

    • Well Mclarens ?The FIA should take half of there points away and fine Ron the Dirt Dennis For 1 million dollars for each race that Mclaren won and that sounds fare to me ,dont u think?

    • Guilty engeneers, designs, projects as well as car and component blueprints was Grand Prix data, telemetry as recent as from races this year, and information about the F2007's tyre behaviour, engine management, and much more. What else is necessary to prove Mclaren knew about these Ferrari's documents and used it? A full Ron Dennis confession?

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      • I happened to see the material at my local kinkos. It included instructions on how to fake taking a corner and blocking the track to ruin a faster cars qualifying time, how to run other drivers off the track so that Ferrari wins the championship, how to contact your cronies at the FIA so that other teams' technical improvements are deemed illegal, and how to get the FIA to let Ferrari get away with whatever it wants. This is Ferrari material, what else would you expect?

      • Now why I am I not surprised you come from Italy? How the f**k do you know what were in these documents,got friends at Farrari? Just another moron that is ready to blame Ron Denis without knowing the full facts. Why don't you just shut your big mouth and wait for the outcome of the enquiry but then again you sound like the Farrari team, cheat and lie to get what you want.....just can't stand being beaten by a team that is better at the moment. There have been more dirty tricks and tactics by Farrari than any other team in the history of F1 and that my friend is a fact!!!

    • The only balls that ferrari had have all left so they have to resort to there usual methods of politics rather than improve there own team and car.
      As they did with the mclaren 2nd break pedal and the renault mas dampner(ferrari had one that didn't work as well)and all the flex rear wing and now floor next will be the devices on the wheels.
      All they do is moan when they are up against it.

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