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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 7, 2007 00:20 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    I agree this is typical ferrari when there car is not up to any rival team we watched it against renault.If they can't beat the opposition discredit the oposition - typical ferrari !!!!

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    • Get the message boys - F1 is not a sport ; it's BIG business so business ethics apply. A weeping Ron Dennis or Jean Todt talking about integrity makes me laugh. The fact that Hamilton can spend hours practicing on Mclarens big multi million pound 'playstation' before getting to the race track shows how false so called 'grand prix' have become. Clark, Surtees, Hill and co used to thrill me and others with racing - rather than the slot car processions with the current 'superstars'.

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      • McLaren fans,

        how good it is for you to be on a UK message board...you're all able to slag Ferrari off so nicely, with noone to come and bother...
        McLaren are the best, they've never done bad tricks, actually they're Saints...lets just make Ron Dennis St Ron from now on...Lewis Hamilton is now as big as Jesus Christ in the UK, raised in the holy house of McLaren sports since he barely knew how to walk.

        You all succeed in making people like me switch to another message board and another news site for F-1. ITV has succeeded in getting people to listen to the radio for commentaries.

        All your comments are biased as can be, even when evidence is brought to your faces.
        The stepney affair is not something that's old and seen before. It's the sad story of McLaren getting sensitive info from a Ferrari top engineer. Not only that but now Honda is saying the 2 conspirators offered their services there too.
        If someone is playing dirty in the Ferrari clan, it's Stepney and guess what HE IS BRITISH you old farts!! but none of you has the actual honesty to say it.

        God Forbid that the english might lose the only thing theyve got going in sports this year...

        Im so happy that McLaren is now getting a run for their money, so happy the other teams are coming back, so happy theyre not getting every win...SO HAPPY that there are other teams to give us a break from all this unbearable british hype and buildup of champions that dont have the trophy yet.
        Reminds me of your sad sad sad football world cup, when Becks and the rest were hailed as the champions before the cup ever started! And who did you all blame? Eriksson! the only guy that's not on the pitch!!!!!!!