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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 7, 2007 04:07 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    If you don't like what us British say on the board, then #$%$ off and don't read it. As for bringing Football onto the F1 board...go on the football board and complain about our football there...not here. I have not read any posts sticking up for Stepney, IF he did what he is accused of then fair enough he needs to be dealt with but why bring Hamilton into it but as you have why shouldn't we be proud of him...MS had been hailed a hero in Germany and Italy, is he the only one that is allowed to have fans cheering him on? You're slagging McLaren and the British off why can't anyone else have their own opinions too? as I said if you don't like it #$%$ OFF