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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 4, 2007 19:50 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    You say let's talk about dirty Mclaren trick.....well go on...explain, I assume by your name you are a fan of Kimi's would you have asked the same question when Kimi was driving for McLaren?

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    • Lets get one thing straight.McLaren DID HAVE Ferrari document and that is wrong, and they should be punished no matter they did used it or not.You DONT keep something that dont belongs to you, especially your rival.

    • Mclaren are innocent of all these trumped up charges,it is the ferrari who are to blame for this because they can't win without cheating they are making false claims against the better drivers and the better team.

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      • I'm sorry but, who are the better drivers?..., a guy that with Renault won two championshiphs finishing second or third all his life and it seems to be that with the new McLarens"s "talent", is all the same?....
        Come on buddy, saome people has forgotten when they said that with a good car, even a monkey will win a race. And that was for Michael, what about now?....
        Also, during the period that is under investigation the Mclarens were the fastest cars on the circuit, and when the cheat was discovered they return to the 2nd and 3rd place?...
        Come Buddy, don't be candid, this thing stinks, and it stinks from the McLaren and all his "marvelous" drivers side...