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  • joanne joanne Jul 4, 2007 21:46 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    what an issue..surely would stir the Formula One world..Somehow I don't belive that not a single information was not used in developing the mclaren car...surely it can't be see on the actual car,but dont you think he can use it as a basis of comparisson in developing a better car??what do you think?

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    • OK Guys, maybe this reply is not the exact reply to the email in question but I didn't realize a way to give my toughts beyond this one. Let's start form the beginnig, Hamilton is just a piece of marketing material. I'm really sorry about his brother but, is he the only one F1 driver that has family disgraces?..
      Also, why every time that he finished 2 or 3, his car appears in the last stop place AFTER the winner and the second place has left the location to the podium?.
      But, in the end, a lot of people is forgotting that a couple of years ago they said that Schumacher was winning races because anybody could win a race driving a very good car. Under the latest developments (I mean "spying", etc), it is fair or not to say that, in the same conditions, even a "monkey" can win an F1 race?????.
      And I'm very soory for Alonso because, how can you legalize that the first place in the championship is hold by a driver that has won just 1 race and all the rest, that has won 2 or 3 each one, is 2nd, 3rd or 4th.
      I'm very sorryto say this but F! sucks.
      F1 is not anymore the realm of the best driver, is just the playground of the guy that has the year's lucky number....
      God Blees You All................

    • the issue of spying, Mike Coughlan and Nigel Stepney are obviously intelligent men, if you have info on a disc why take it to a photocopy shop and not just print it off yourselves, they have access to pc's etc, also why sit at home with the documents waiting to be caught in possession off them if you know the games up, why not make a phone call to tell coughlan to get it out of the house etc very strange!!