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  • Massa09 Massa09 Jul 22, 2007 11:05 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    Spoken like a true cheater. Ferrari have the most wins in F1 history. They don't need to cheat to win. They aren't doing the investigation to dock maclaren points, but to flush out the real cheats, Coughlan and Stepney. Todt respects Dennis, and I'm sure it's likewise. I'm a true Ferrari fan and don't wish Maclaren or their drivers to be docked points. If we win, it should be on the track, not the courts.

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    • What do you mean, flush out the cheats. They have, so will ferrari forget about it now. Not on your life, they won't be satisfied until they have points docked from Mclaren, and it will have to be enough points for them to win the constructors championship. So the appeal may go ferrari's way, if so, and ferrari find it's not enough points, oh sorry punishment, they will probably appeal again.