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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 22, 2007 04:14 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    Thats because you are biased.

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    • And you aren't biased. Talk to me when you climb out of fourth place....

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      • No i like to see all teams do well and have a high standard of competition and not just the one driver and one team that the new f1 fans cannot see past also the press are on f1 more than ever and people believe everything they read.
        I like all teams especialy past ones the likes of lotus,tyrrell and minardi but i find it ironic that so many italians couldn't have cared less about what was originaly another italian team.
        please look at the history of how rival teams and drivers are treated when they have raced in italy by non sporting fans that hate drivers that do not drive a ferrari.
        and why the san marino gp is in italy(2 ferrari home races)showes alot as it is up there with the european gp(2 german races)why this cannot be rotated about to help promote the sport in other countrys - look at donnington 1993 it was a classic and other tracks that are used for races like leguna seca,road america kylami and others that could be improved and host a race like mexico but i feel f1 is forgeting it's roots and going were bernie likes.