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  • Flying Lobster 27 Flying Lobster 27 Jul 7, 2007 22:59 Flag

    Will McClaren favour Hamilton this weekend

    I agree with Vito, McLaren (as in Bruce McLaren the 60s F1 ace, and not Steve McClaren the England football coach - take a closer look at the title, you'll get it) don't favour one driver more than the other in terms of actual material support, and they won't put team orders in place.
    However, they'd absolutely love to see Hamilton win in Britain (wouldn't we all? :D). The question is mainly posed because Alonso is quite like Schumacher: he likes having a number 1 and a number 2 in the team, with himself at number 1 of course. The trick is, he's currently a clear number 2. He should at least be thankful that McLaren won't stop him if he wants to race his team-mate for the title.

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    • Yeah, the point is that Alonso cant compare with Schumi. He was a number 1 even if he didnt want to. Alonso just cant stand that Hamilton is showing him like what he really is, a bad pilot with good luck.

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      • Despite the fact that his off-track antics he performed with his ex-stagemate Freaky Flavio and now his Biaggi syndrome ("my team hates me" sob...) have made him quite unlikeable; the fact that he's the only driver who needs huge black sunglasses even indoors, making him look a right idiot; the fact that he's been sooooooo lucky and refused to admit the obvious; ... Alonso is actually a good driver.
        I reckon he's a bit like Schumacher in his relations with the team and his teammate (at least the ones he's only dreaming of at the moment), in his driving style too. He hasn't brought anything new to the sport. He won't have as much success as MS of course, because for one he isn't as good, for another he's going to have a major rival, which MS never really had, bar perhaps Hakkinen.
        I believe Hamilton will be that major rival, and I believe that he, on the other hand, has brought, and will bring new things to the sport. He's a mature, thinking driver, with a great sporting attitude and a different driving style. He backed his car into a corner at Bahrain! Like a MotoGP!!!