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  • I wondered how long it would take someone to play the "racial card" on this one. No, being coloured myself I have no problem with the fact that he is black, although both McClaren and the British media were quick to use this fact, "the first coloured driver in F1", to their advantage when it suited them.

    Let's face the facts, he started the race 10th on the grid and despite having one of the fastest cars on the track, still only finished 9th.

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    • face facts, started tenth and finished ninth? true

      what you miss however is he was fourth within the first few corners allbeit inheriting a puncture which put him back to last and with some dodgy tyre choices, whose i dont know he still kept going

      although i totally disagree u shud be allowed to use a forklift to get you out of a gravel trap and back on the circuit he did keep within the rules of keeping his engine running and therefore didnt break the rule

      yes he had a fast car but the choices made negated the fact

    • That's because he is the first coloured driver in F1! If a woman driver won the world championship and was labelled 'the first female F1 champion' by the press would that be sexist?

      No - it'd be just another FACT.