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  • Wilbur Wilbur Jul 11, 2007 03:38 Flag

    Ferrari's secretly running a 3 liter engine


    The good authority is a kid at my local pizza joint that has relatives that live in Italy (I think it was Italy- it was somewhere in Europe).

    The two common displacement-enhancement tricks of the trade are:

    1. Rubber connecting rods. At standstill, the displacement is 2.4 liters, however, as you rev the engine up the rods stretch, increasing the stroke.

    2. Hiding additional engine cylinders elsewhere on the car. I'm not sure where they hide them. If we knew that, it wouldn't be a trick.

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    • Rubber con Rods....that stretch....that would decrease the stroke. You would need them to shrink in order to create a high engine capacity. Hiding more cylinders...i think even trying to start exlaining how flawed this point is could just go on for ever, i'll make a start others can join in...Keeping the engines in sync connected to the same gear box with the 'main engine' Hiding them in a car that scrutinners strip appart. the excess wait created by the extra cylinders. explaining the additional auxillaries to the fia, fuel consumption appears to be the same as any other car. please do add more.