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  • Jerry Jerry Jul 13, 2007 00:06 Flag

    F-1 in Indy

    Guess we won't have the F-1. Not sorry to see them go. Most boring race I have ever been too. Follow the leader and a team race rather than an individual sport. They don't care about the fans.

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    • I did enjoy the F-1 series being here in the States. What I did not enjoy was the drivers who do not seem to know how to smile or give an interview. Seems like what I've heard about Europeans being stiff is true. Boring race at Indy this year, but then again I did not like the track layout. Good luck to them as the sales of F-1 stuff goes down hill here.

    • It amazes me that Bernie does not value the U.S. market enough to give in and reduce the fees. U.S. market needs more investment into this global sport in order be further developed.

      It does not take an economist to realize that unlike other F1 venues, U.S. market is dollar driven and the local or state governments will not contribute towards professional sports.

      Apparently Bernie needs some help in developing a Business Case for the U.S., because now he shot himself in the foot and took few steps back in the U.S. market development.

      Here is an advise to Bernie: hire yourself good team of management consultants to figure this out because you can't.

    • We in have plenty of GOOD RACING in the states...so the states dont need BORING F1 either

    • Bernie is a dick. I went to 4 us grandprix's and the crowd was large and turn 1 durning the race saw some great action. How Tony put up with the tire crap and still wanted to hold the race is to his credit after that they should give him a race for free. Took a lot of ribbing from my peers about F1 but the sound of the cars going down past the finish line was great. Now I must agree with my friends, F1 is just a bunch of RICHBOYS PLAYING WITH THEMSELVES!!!

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      • Expecting Bernie & Tony G. to create something worthwhile for the fans is like giving two monkeys a box full of components & expecting them to build a computer. If it happens, its purely accidental & highly suspect.
        Witness Georges' selfish desire to control open wheel racing in America & how that devolved the sport. Neither series is as strong or as interesting as what might have been (based on the racing before the split)had there been a little forethought, but Tony's ego botched that.
        Bernie's maniacal need for control has "opened new markets" or rather created short-term social phenomena in locations where there has never been & never will be a real Grands Prix fan base. What little interest there is @ these new venues will soon fade but Hey, Bernie's got the bucks & screw the F1 fans who've really cared through the years.
        Unfortunate shame all round as the sport & the real fans lose out.

    • I have to agree that F1 doesn't care about the fans. All F1 is interested in is the corperate side of things. The real fans that go to club meetings in the freezing cold and pouring rain don't count. I have been to 16+ GP and thank christ I didn't pay to get into them. F1 is the biggest waste of my hard earned money. I'd rather get on a plane and cross the Atlantic to watch NASCAR. NASCAR kicks F1 not only out of the hat but out of the shop as far as being fan friendly and the quality of the racing is concerned.

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      • I would have to ask a logical question here. If you didn't like F1, why did you go see 16+ races, even for free?

      • Bob, I agree that Bernie does not care about the fans, but I can assure you, F1 as a whole (manufacturers) absolutely do. As for NASCAR being better and F1 being a waste of money, I beg to differ. As opposed to you, I have "plunked" down my hard earned money to view the spectacle that is Formula 1 and I have to say, it is vastly more exciting than any other motorcar sport. Fans of F1 are there to watch the best that technology can offer. We want to see how can they squeeze every last bit of power and performance out of that machine and see if the world's best drivers can handle it. Montoya proved a couple of weeks ago that going around in circles doesn't prove a car and it's driver. He took a vastly inferior machine and showed NASCAR what F1 is all about. Sorry Bob, if watching cars go around in a circle is fun for you, then I suggest you invest in a slot car track and stay home, airfare to the US is going up every day and might need your money for something really exciting, like ......Cricket.

    • Dude, you are an idiot. I am a motorsport fan, and went to the USGP this year. I have been to an event for all the major US racing series, and will tell you they don't hold a candle to F1. I've been to the Indy 500(IRL). CHAMPCAR races all over the place. NASCAR races at Daytona, Bristol, and Indy(their 3 best tracks on that circuit). And they just don't have the overall quality package F1 offers. The cars, the teams, the racing, the women. F1 has it all.
      Not having a race at Indy will suck for me as a mid-western American. But now I think I will just save my $ on other races I usually go to, and go see F1 at Spa or Nurburgring or Monza. I would go to Montreal, but the Canadians can eat my a$$.