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    Why is it when ever farrari are behind in the championship they start to make aligations against the team who is in the lead. This happens year after year with them and they get away with it. Who runs f1?

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    • I think ferrari if they dont win the championship they going to just winge about it unlike others when they'll take being in second place and move on. Except ferrari they're bad losers.

    • This is professional sport - there are no good losers and bad losers.

      Nobody wants to lose - do you? What sport do you play?

      If you, or your team lose, do you go home with a big smile on your face?? If you do - then give it up!!

      Ferrari are a professional company - it is not sport any longer, this is a big money business, peoples lives now depend on it with wages etc. They are kicking off as they believe McLaren have used the data Stepney 'stole' from them.

      As I said in another thread - if he went to work with McLaren no-one would have been able to say or do anything. But he 'alledgedly' stole it and gave it to McLaren!

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      • Definatly, to try and proclaim any teams innocencces is hypocritical. Your all missing the point. Regardless of your feels which are naturally biais, McLaren did break the rules, amight it may not have involved others in the team but they still broke the rules, and as such to set president there needs to be some form of punishment to the team, not the drivers. It was illegal and it did give advantage even if just one person in McLaren read it.

        Theres one major point that everyone is choosing to ignore regardless of who you support. Winning is whats it's all about. To win you have to push the boundaries, and there will always be teams who go to far, hence the reason for ruling bodies. But the major teams must push, with out this you would have a grid of toyota teams.

        Perhaps Bernie is bias, but it's certainly a test of his afiliations with Lewis now in the picture. And as Bernie knows it's the pushing that makes F1 a mass media support, good or bad.

    • Lets see if Ferrari dont catch up. If they dont then they will come up with THEY ARE CHEATING TAKE AWAY THEIR POINTS. This will then put Ferrari on top again. Lets hope not

    • The reason is they are led by a pacifist Frenchmen who can only cry when he loses. It is time the Italians kick the pussy off the team. It will be interesting to see who from Ferrari gave Coughlan the info. But as Mika Salo admitted, Ferrari have cheated for a long time. I love Ferrari. It is my favorite team, despite the ultimately talented, but tragically character flawed, Schumacher. If Ferrari concentrated on reliability for Kimi, we might really have a close race now. Win with Kimi or Felipe, but quit making bullshit excuses. Without excuses, win or lose, Ferrari is the class of the sport. With excuses, they are at the level of the customer support teams, Toro Rosso and Spyker.

    • Moan moan typical ferrari just like there fans when they are on the way down,this is just the usual ferrari politics if you can't beat them then try and discredit them.

    • You are bang on mate, dont listen to the ferrari fans making stupid coments, Ferrari do this all the time when things are not going well for them in the championship, they are just muddying the waters to divert attention from the fact that they are second rate and are miffed that one of their senior team had the nerve to try to get away to a better team. I am not a Ron fan but good on him for his proffesionalism in dealing with the Italian Prima Donna's

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      • The typical Pommy #$%$ diversion tactic defence.
        Mclaren were caught with stolen info.
        They have been found guilty.
        They should have gotten a harsher sentence.

        Doesnt matter if there is no physical evidence on their car.
        They know how the Ferrari works and how to counter it.
        Its an unfair and ILLEGAL advantage.
        Get it.

    • I've an idea to shut all us Ferrari fans up. Why not have McCheaters, er uh, Mclaren provide the Ferrari Chief TD all of the MP24's technical data so that we can call it even. Ferrari can promise not to use that data on their cars and everyone can cary on in ignorant bliss.......

    • Seems to me that the ferrari fans are just as much sore losers as the team are. Mclaren did'nt cheat, one of their employees did. There has been no evidence that Mclaren used any technology from ferrari. I would have thought the fia would have gone through stringent checks on the car before passing judgement. So to all you so called ferrari fanboys, stop ya winging and take defeat like men, (OR SHOULD I SAY BOYS).

    • From what I understand....Coughan DIDN'T steal the documents...they were offered to him by Farrari's employee..McLaren don't need any help from Farrari, they are doing very well on their own....I suggest you get your facts right before you make stupid comments that aren't true

    • Which is exactly why Mclaren's chief technical director felt it necessary to steal Ferrari's 700+ pages of documents...

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