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  • Bob Bob Jul 28, 2007 11:57 Flag


    John, I have read your posts and the more I read the more I become aware that you are a prick. Bias in your vocabulary?

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    • Think of me the way u want. Read and read if u like it...
      I dont need your love mate!

      What we are talking about here is precisely "Bias"..
      Everyone here is ready to back is favourite team like this, and everyone here seems to have a strong opinion.
      You got mine: all of you are a bunch a whiners when it comes down to Ferrari. And now that McLaren is found guilty of having illegal documents, you call Ferrari the whiners.
      So what, Ferrari should shut it, sit back and not say anything? What would McLaren do if it was Ferrari that was found with documents about their cars?

      You dont like my opinion, its all the same, move on.