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  • Cryst Cryst Jul 24, 2007 13:15 Flag


    European Grand Prix

    As I write this, I am not relying on any stat book. The last time I have watched a red flag race was Monaco 2000, The last time a race was so soaked was Brazil 2002, where Giancarlo won a race after a week of reviewing the race.

    But this is a race best remembered for the emotions at the podium, You can see Massa & Alonso fighting it out with words. Typical of Alonso he is not Humble when he wins, its just pure bragging. Fernando you will not be a 7 times world champion. To make matter worse Schumi presented the constructors trophy at the podium to Ron Dennis.

    This race hurts, I thought we can have an advantage with Hamilton trying to prove that "Murphy's law " can be false.

    There is something wrong with the team at Ferrari, The reliability was always great before.
    Did Massa slowed down during the few laps before the rain?
    Did he thought he was on his way and took care of the car very early?
    Were the last set of tires not balanced and the wings were not adjusted right?

    After all the drama its a mere two points advantage McClaren.

    I can live with that for the next two weeks.


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