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  • Douglas Douglas Aug 4, 2007 20:11 Flag


    Definatly, to try and proclaim any teams innocencces is hypocritical. Your all missing the point. Regardless of your feels which are naturally biais, McLaren did break the rules, amight it may not have involved others in the team but they still broke the rules, and as such to set president there needs to be some form of punishment to the team, not the drivers. It was illegal and it did give advantage even if just one person in McLaren read it.

    Theres one major point that everyone is choosing to ignore regardless of who you support. Winning is whats it's all about. To win you have to push the boundaries, and there will always be teams who go to far, hence the reason for ruling bodies. But the major teams must push, with out this you would have a grid of toyota teams.

    Perhaps Bernie is bias, but it's certainly a test of his afiliations with Lewis now in the picture. And as Bernie knows it's the pushing that makes F1 a mass media support, good or bad.

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    • Exactly my point - F1 is now a big money business, it has long stopped being a 'sport' in the true sense of the word.

      And as anyone in high-flying business will tell you - it is full of cheats and people willing to break every rule to reach the top.

      Ferrari are no different and with all the will in the world, McLaren are in no way squeeky clean operators - Ron Dennis hasn't got where he is today by playing by the rules.