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  • Flying Lobster 27 Flying Lobster 27 Jul 23, 2007 00:30 Flag

    Let's talk about the RACING! Nurburgring review

    Wow! What a race! So much to say, where to start?
    After his jammy win 2 years ago, Alonso's lucky stars - or lucky clouds in this case! - were shining once again over the Eifel circuit. Job well done by the Spaniard, he beat Massa fair and square after the Brazilian put on some great defending. And Webber held on for third against Wurz!
    Sensation of the race? MARKUS WINKELHOCK!!! Masterful tactical move from Spyker if ever there was one: bring your driver in before the start of the race, that way he doesn't lose any time on track. Hey, it may be strange circumstances, but give it to him: he led his first GP, and he led it well!
    Leading not so well now is Hamilton. He had a the bulk of the bad luck today. Brave drive after his saturday accident, punctured by the BMW punch-up, restarted a lap down, was unduely warned by the FIA, cos there was BAGS of room between him and Massa, and he finished sooooo close to a point.
    Speaking of BMWs, here's my Flop of the Day: Nick Heidfeld. Ruined his team's chances by punting Kubica off, then a rather optimistic move on Ralf Schumacher...
    Don't know about everyone here, but for my part, the day's action ain't over: MotoGP tonight! :D