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  • sandro t sandro t Jul 26, 2007 23:45 Flag


    I wonder if Ferrari was found with a 700pages book about McLaren cars...I'm sure we would have seen the same stereotypes about Italians: Mafiosi, Thieves etc.

    English team found with a book about the new car? No they are innocent, poor babies, they had the book but they were not able to read it.

    Last year Schumacher was condemned to the last row in the Monaco GP, because judges were sure he wanted to block the passage to Alonso. Process to intentions...
    We are still waiting for Godot

    F1 is Ferrari, McLaren is nothing


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    • Please look at the message by this member e30bimmerman and TRY and learn !!!!

    • Brian579734, if you don't think that McLaren should be punished for the conduct of one person, even though that person is a top employee and designer, how many does it take then for the appropriate punishment to be served?

    • actually..i find it biased..as what one person said..u can use the information as a comparison basis and then you dont have to actually copy what theyre doing,instead make something better..even better...being a member of the team,the teaam captain is held responsible to what his people are doing...

    • Actually i'm not really a Ferrari fan, but a F1 fan, although, yes, they are probably my favourite team.

      Although i agree that it would be terrible for McLaren (especially Hamilton!) to pay for the wrongdoings of one (important) employee; the FIA did ultimately find McLaren guilty and not penalising them has set a very dangerous precedent.

      Basically, the chief designers of all teams can now illegally obtain confidential current information of other teams, and just make sure that these specific designs cannot be matched to the design of their own cars. But they would still be free to use their opponents' designs as a refernce or for comparative purposes.

      After all if they get caught and are found guilty by the FIA, they will walk away with nothing more than a telling-off.

    • Formula one has lost all credibility with the McLaren decision. I will never watch another race.

    • Thanks for clearing that up, I can see what you are saying but I still don't think the McLaren team should be penalised for the conduct of one person..as a Farrari fan you may not agree but as a Mclaren fan that's my opinion

    • Actually, Coughlan had the full 2007 designs and not the 2006. He basically knew what he was up against THIS year and not what Ferrari did last year.

      He could design the 2007 McLaren F1 car with the comfort of KNOWING exactly what Ferrari had designed and planned for 2007.

      It's like playing poker knowing your opponent's hand.

    • You've got a point mate.

      If the tables were turned we would all be screming blue-murder in the UK at those Mafiosi Italians.

      Its a pity that we are too bias to see how bloody farsical this ruling is. Its a total piss-take.

    • Farrari F1....don't make me laugh you're talking out your arse mate
      Shumacher got what he deserved in Monaco...he did block Alonso on purpose