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  • reefed reefed Jul 27, 2007 19:38 Flag


    Actually i'm not really a Ferrari fan, but a F1 fan, although, yes, they are probably my favourite team.

    Although i agree that it would be terrible for McLaren (especially Hamilton!) to pay for the wrongdoings of one (important) employee; the FIA did ultimately find McLaren guilty and not penalising them has set a very dangerous precedent.

    Basically, the chief designers of all teams can now illegally obtain confidential current information of other teams, and just make sure that these specific designs cannot be matched to the design of their own cars. But they would still be free to use their opponents' designs as a refernce or for comparative purposes.

    After all if they get caught and are found guilty by the FIA, they will walk away with nothing more than a telling-off.