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    FIA save McLaren Mercedes

    "Yes there is MCL guilty but we can't punish them"
    F1 is only business.

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    • Passionat fans who treat drivers of other teams like sh** just because they dont drive a ferrari,surely that is just being a bigot.
      Then again you are ferrari fans and not f1 fans.

    • We need to punish those idiots. Mclaren is a team for losers. Ferrari rocks you all! FORZA FERRARI! FORZA ITALIA!

    • This whole mess reminds me of the 1976 Monza fuel farce, when Ferrari had the McLaren fuel seized by Italian Customs on some rule and cost McLaren the race. The fuel was later found to be legal. The bad blood between Ferrari and McLaren goes back years

    • Yeah...I'll give it to you...I was out of touch regarding the affidavit...but up to most of the other bits the main one....McLaren have not been penalised because of person...BRILLIANT!!!!

    • BRIAN! Sorry mate, I didn't realise I was talking to someone so out of touch, you don't even know about the Affidavite? Sorry, research the subject, then we'll talk!!

    • Mclaren have been top from the off, not from April dummie. Kimi only started to do better cause he got his arse kicked by mr ferrari. You really should refrain from all this bullshit comming from your mouth. Even after all enquiries and checks by fia, there's still no evidence Mclaren used anything from the documents on their cars. So stop your whinning and accept defeat. (OH SORRY, YOUR A FERRARI FANBOY. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO YOU).

    • Where did you hear that he signed an affidavit? Sorry I don't believe Ron Denis did know about the documents.
      Bernie is a Ferrari man through and through much to his discredit..he is supposed to be neutral in all matters but he clearly is not going by comments he has made in the past, This was certainly not a British fix....you sound like all Ferrari fans cry "fix" when things don't go your way....except it Ferrari's tactics of getting rid of the opposition did not work this time

    • The FIA verdict is a farse, but all I can say is thank God it is an all British affair!! Bernie has got all of his puppet to dance to his music, max Mosely run for president against Balestre on the strenth of his integrity, he certainly did show his colours here!
      Can you immagine Ferrari being in the same position as Maclaren and coming away with such a verdict? The whole of the british media would shout Fix! Mafia! and so on!!
      The chief designer is in possession of 700 pages of car project and stategies papers, the chief executive knows about it and Ron Dennis claimes to have been in the dark all along, but claims that none of the material has been used on his cars!! he then invites the FIA to scrutinise his cars as if they really could scrutinise the april, may and june ones that were victorious.
      Coincidence has it that Maclaren started being succesfull from the end of April and not so just after the spy revelation in earlyJune! make what you want of it, but like I said, thank God it's an all british FIX!!

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      • I think the whole episode says more about the internal squabbles at Ferrari than anything to do with McClaren.

        The fact that they seem to have so much dissent that their own people are handing out confidential material to competitors is very bad. This would not have happened under Ross Brawn. They need him back.

        I don't condone the behaviour of any of the individuals and I think it was "individuals",and if proven they should be banned for life.

        McClaren would never condone this sort of thing either, they want to win with their own skill, as a team they have to much pride to steal things, and don't forget that they were found guilty of one of their people having the documents. You cant punish the whole team for one idiots actions, who may have had alterier motives to do with moving teams.

        Still a bad show all around but Ferrari have got to put it behind them and not dwell on it. It's starting to look like they are making excuses for not leading the championship. As harsh as that seems.

      • Please !!!
        How can you think that when the fia have turned many a blind eye to ferrari and them breaking the rules and more important bernie openly wanting schumacher to win again for ferrari and then want massa to win this year maybe the fia should look more at the ferrari flex floor and aero wheels in regard to cheating.
        Or maybe it is just sour grapes by biased fans of ferrari and not f1.

    • Still a sore loser typical ferrari fan.