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  • reefed reefed Jul 27, 2007 16:30 Flag

    FIA Ruling - Fair or Farse

    OK, here's the deal: The Chief Designer of McLaren has 780 pages of Ferrari Information that he obtained illegally and just because, apparently, none of this was used in a McLaren car, that's OK. It's like playing poker knowing your opponent's hand!

    McLaren's chief designer, Coughlan, could design his McLarens knowing what Ferrari were up to. Is this a HUGE advantage or what? So what if Coughlan did not incorporate any Ferrari design into the McLaren cars, he could compare the McLaren design to Ferrari's and simulate which car was better.

    Let's be honest, as much as Ferrari may have used some dodgy unsporting tactics in the past, let's call a spade a spade, this ruling is a bloody farse!!!

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    • 'Knowingly' receiving stolen property, holding on to it and therefore putting yourself at a distinctive competitive advantage is no lesser crime than stealing it (intellectual property) in the first place. But I'm not going to bother with legal analogys because that'll only muddy the water just like the FIA verdict.

      If both were intent on going to Honda then that only makes the crime worse. And sorry but to suggest that this is another Ferrari scam (????) and that they are the ones to benefit is crazy. Couglan is a Mclaren employee; he was in receipt of the information whilst as a McLaren employee; he should never have accepted the document less kept it at his home. If you can blame Ferrari for Stepney's malicious actions then please do the same for Couglan.

    • And of cause you would never get ferrari cheating would you !!! like oops I seem to of crashed my car after setting the pole lap in Monaco stopping anyone else bettering it or passing on the line to win.. double standards from Ferrari I think.

    • Well put, concise and straight to the point. Unlike of course our good friends Brian and Williamsrenault who seem heel bent on avoiding the real truth and lambasting anyone who disagrees with them on this. Its interesting to note how last year Alonso was crying that 'F1 is not a sport' after his penalty for impedeing Massa. Looks like he was right after all, except in HIS favour.

    • Reefed, totally agree with you, Ferrari aren't squeekey clean, but this is something else!!
      PS. No point wasting time with that Brian, he hasn't got a clue

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      • normally the spy game consists of trying to find out what the other teams are up too regards race stratergy set up etc, nothing major

        this is pure industrial espionage as coughlan has the intelectual property of ferrari, the source irelevant

        as coughlan is a member of the team the team is therefore guility under the rules

        coughlan has been able to read this data and understand it, to those of us with an engineering background we know it is not a ten minute job to read and understand this data but the data within this document will have been able to give coughlan an understanding and ability to know how to combat the ferrari design concepts and strengths

        the information gained will have affected the mclaren performance and will have given them an advantage over ferrari, wether one person knew of the information or 10

        mclaren deserve punishment and punishment needs to be applied and severly before other team members become tempted to hand over there data to rival members without risk of punishment

    • One word to say begins with B and ends in cks