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  • Antonio Antonio Aug 3, 2007 13:23 Flag

    FIA Ruling - Fair or Farse

    Thumbs up for davidbond46. IMHO he's got the whole point: such things should not happen, if FIA hadn't been sure about direct McLaren advantages in the 'affair', they should have fined McLaren for being in possession of a competitor's sensitive data. Such a verdict sets a dangerous milestone in motorsports. I am not sure McLaren as a team had a real and full knowledge of Stepney and Coughlan "intercourse": Mr. Dennis is a tough guy, but he seems to me a fair player. But, the punishment (a fine might have been sufficient) should have been set because the mere possession of such data is an undoubtable advantage in a sport where the line between being competitive and competing for the fool's championship is so thin. Moreover, getting unscathed from the story is a danger even for McLaren, because any other competitor could get an edge on them in the very same way...
    Regards to you all

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    • I agree with wpwt_ita. But for me there was no surprise. I actually expected to be like this. Because from moment of 10 years of Ferrari domenation everything is done to keep Ferrari away from title.Because even for me as a supporter of Fer. it was not interesting to watch F1 during that period. But now everyone is expecting Ferrari ro win. And they will come to see this happening. But in case there will again full domination of Fer. within one years Berny will lose half of income. There arer exsamples on so called Ferrari discrimination:
      1. during cANADA GP(i think it was canada) for the same falt Alonso given 10 sec. stop and go. Massa black flag.
      2. During Europe GP between Alonso and Massa there was a contact. Ussally this investigated but not in this case. Why?
      3. During same GP six bolids are out and only Hamilton is brought back!!! Explanation: his engine was runnig and he did'nt touch the wall. Common since when the rules are like this? And after few laps Ralf has the same situation and when he requests for help they say sorry but please get out of car???Why??? his engine was running!!! And he didn't touch the wall!!! All teams radio was shouting with mthis question. Did FIA done anything after NO!

      So come on lets face the truth. Now FIA doesn't needs Ferrari to win. Be sure later it will be like in ancient theatrs PLEASE COME AND SEE FERRARI IS BACK ON WINNING WAYS!!!