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    I'm ever so glad ferrari is appealing because they have all the reason to do so.Last week FIA found McLaren guilty but no punishment.What the hell of law is that?Guilty but no punishment at all?It doesn't matter whether you did made use of the information or not, the fact is McLaren DID have ferrai confidential documents which is wrong.Full stop.You dont keep something that dont belongs to you and show them to your team, do you?Its against the law.Its as simple as that.

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    • So when shumi did something wrong and never got punished for it, it was fine but when mclaren do something wrong yoru down on them like a ton of bricks.Whats with ferrari though they know ron dennis has something on them and they are hoping its nothing too importnat well just wait, there was a leak last week about it and if its true god help the italian idiots, they think they are god and everyone must do as they say well not this time.Ron is holding his cards close to his chest and using them as and when needed.Dont forget the ex ferrari drivers with there detailed accounts of spying to come out in the appeal too.

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      • You've got to hand it to the Ferrari/Schumi haters on this board. They're nothing if not persistent with their blabbering which for some god foresaken reason they think is fact and the only truth. If anything I'd wished Schuey would have rammed a few more drivers (in particular Hill) for the sorry excuse of them claiming to be F1 Grand Prix racers.

      • Get the facts straight dumbass. Michael was made an example of on several occasions. Dennis has nothing on Ferrari. Italian idiots??? Where are you from, or do you even know? Forget the "Ex-Ferrari drivers"...it was actually just Mika Salo, and he was mis-quoted. Again, ignorant individuals should try and refrain from making statements that they haven't researched. However, I must admit, it is fun watching them make arses out of themselves.

      • There is a huge difference between a pilot using track tactics to get his way on the podium, and a team that possess ultra-confidential technical information in a highly technical motor sports.
        The fact the you dont see the difference is quite appalling to me.
        All of you twats bringing the schumi stories to try to tell us that Ferrari is a bag of cheats shows just how much you are allergic to anything Ferrari.

        And you say "God help the italian idiots"???
        may God help your sorry mind instead mate. You're FoS

    • I agree with that, no punishment whatsoever on Mclaren? come'on! It's as simple as breaking the laws of Formula1 to have confidential technical information in whatever form whether to use it or not. Come to think of it on what Flavio Biatore was trying to drive at with McLaren that how come they're able to get the correct setup for their cars on bridgestone tires same as ferrari on day1 wherein ferrari has been using the tires for so several years? Renault and mclaren were both on michelins last year and even until now renault are not able to get the setup 100% for bridgestone, thus took a lot of time for development. For sure had mclaren used the technical information they got from ferrari obviously they won't admit that they used it and there's no real evidence that will prove or show that. The advantage that mclaren has over the other previous michelin running teams are huge and they're really at par or slightly better than ferrari in other circuits. Obviously there's something fishy with mclaren!

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      • right...if i were given top secret stuff and they started pointing at me that i used and yet they cant find any proof,but still i have the top secret thing...i would deny it to death...so,why would maclaren admit that they used the information for making a better car than the ferraris...

      • It's very simple...there are "rules" on this board apparently.
        look, if McLaren is found with secret info about Ferrari's cars, it's all good for them, they didn't use it. THey're clear...And if Ferrari finds that a top engineer leaked info to McLaren, then they must be to blame somehow (Stepney "im being framed! im being framed!" - you effin LIAR)
        When McLaren cheats, it's ok for people here...When Ferrari blows the whistle, theyre considered the cheats.
        No matter how u look at it, people on this board will be blaming Ferrari for anything and everything.
        Even when it's McLaren that's found/caught like thieves.

        Schumi? he's surely the devil, german guy driving italian cars... people don't get over their History here. On this board, it's official: he stole his GP wins and championships.

        As for me, if McLaren wins this year i know they cheated it BIG TIME...they have been found to possess illegal documents about another team's car (but that's totally ok if u r a McLaren fan)!!! and the point about adapting to Bridgestone tyres should get people wondering. Right, how do u get a rookie on the podium 8 times in a row??
        You guys can blabber all you want about schumi and ferrari cars, but so far its McLaren that should be taken out for the year. Anything short of that would be a shame for F1.

    • looking forawrd to ferrari being exposed - lets hope they dock some points eh ....... give them something to whinge about.

    • Maybe bernie will help his fav team out yet again as he stated he wanted schumacher to win the championship and this year he wants massa.
      Ferrari are a disgrace.like i said there idea is if you can't beat them discredit them.

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      • It is entirely possible that Ferrari was behind this whole thing. Everyone is wondering what has-been Schumacher is doing hanging around. Maybe he's the one who leaked the information to Coughlan. Michael does not want Ferrari to win without him behind the wheel. No matter who it was that leaked the information at Ferrari, this is a Ferrari problem, not a McLaren problem. The Ferrari team is in turmoil and is desparate. No team has done more to discredit the sport and this Stepneygate baloney is just one more example.