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  • Wilbur Wilbur Aug 2, 2007 06:54 Flag


    It is entirely possible that Ferrari was behind this whole thing. Everyone is wondering what has-been Schumacher is doing hanging around. Maybe he's the one who leaked the information to Coughlan. Michael does not want Ferrari to win without him behind the wheel. No matter who it was that leaked the information at Ferrari, this is a Ferrari problem, not a McLaren problem. The Ferrari team is in turmoil and is desparate. No team has done more to discredit the sport and this Stepneygate baloney is just one more example.

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    • So Kimi says he is not paying much attention to the court proceedings looming. He says he wants to gain points on the track legitimately, (yea right). I would'nt worry too much Kimi & all ferrari fans, i'm sure an appeal will see the fia dock enough points to put ferrari about ten-twenty points ahead. After all, ferrari always get their way don't they. So good luck with the championship, i'm sure you'll romp it now.

    • This is the cutest thing I've ever heard... Oh but I forgot you're the guy who said Ferrari was running a 3-liter engine...
      My 2-cent opinion, Mr. Fishblue6, is that you've got a future in entertainment. Therefore, if you decide to do so and stop posting on this forum, please keep me up to date about when and where you decide to show up with your jokes!