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  • jo-anne jo-anne Aug 6, 2007 16:22 Flag


    right...if i were given top secret stuff and they started pointing at me that i used and yet they cant find any proof,but still i have the top secret thing...i would deny it to death...so,why would maclaren admit that they used the information for making a better car than the ferraris...

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    • are you ferrari supporters dim or just blinded by the continual moaning of your own team ........ THE McLAREN car didnt have anything on it derived from the information that was found - there was no proof that it was used by the team ....... and in fair countries no proof means no conviction - get over it.

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      • From the mouth of Flavio Briatore...so you guys dont think its only ferrari fans thinking this is CRAZY:

        "Had I only known Ferrari's weight distribution, or how big their tank is, if I had a bit of those documents, then we surely wouldn't be in this situation today," the Italian told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

        Briatore charged: "Dennis says he's immaculate, but it's hard to believe him. No, I don't believe in his good faith. In a team everyone knows everything."
        He also criticised Dennis for not yet sacking Coughlan, while Ferrari has on the other hand dismissed alleged McLaren informer Nigel Stepney.

        "It's an extremely serious thing that he hasn't yet been fired," Briatore said, referring to Coughlan.

        "All the team managers should say that in F1 there's no more room for them."

        If you still think all this is only Ferrari whining and complaining about this year's championship and not something that every team should be worried about, and if you keep bringing the Schumi #$%$ to try and compare it to this then your judgement is heavily BIASED.

        I think every F1 fan should see this as a huge breach, and something that needs to be heavily addressed.
        I personally enjoy McLaren's season too much to completely discredit them, and the fight vs Ferrari on the tracks is the best we've seen in years, but if it was any other way, i'd say take them out for the rest of the year.