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  • IronMaiden_RuLeZ IronMaiden_RuLeZ Aug 4, 2007 09:58 Flag

    Ferrari should be expelled from F1

    Yes, the title says it all.

    Ferrari was found on possession of confidential documents regarding McLaren`s car design. Of all the cheats and other unsporting stuff we`ve witnessed on F1 during the last 15 years, this is the worst of them all. Yet again FIA found them gilty but no punishment has been handed out to Ferrari... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

    1. Ferrari should be expelled from F1...

    2. Kimi and Massa should be stripped of their championship points(possibly even strip Shumi of his 7 titles, i bet he was the 1 that steared up all this stuff)...

    3.Or the lesser punishment would be fining Ferrari £50 milion or so.

    Well, back to reality... obviously that was just fictional... but i bet my life on it, that if it really was the other way around, meaning that if Ferrari was found to have a 780-page McLaren dossier in their possession... 90% of the people that write on this board, would have been crying out for FIA to punish Ferrari with the above options or even worse.
    Lets be honest for once, if it was Ferrari spying McLaren... NONE of us would have had any doubts that Ferrari has been using McLaren`s dossier to gain advantage in performance.

    Now, all i`m asking you guys is to TAKE OFF YOUR "british goggles" just for a minute and then relpy to this post if you like to.

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    • formula 1 is nothing without FERRARI!No questions about that!

    • Actually this is a good shout - of all my years following F1, Ferrari are ALWAYS seen as the bad guys.

      Spying has been in F1 from day one - remember the photograph of the inside of the McLaren a few years ago with the 'extra' peddle? Half of the photogrpahers in the pit-lane probably have 'arrangements' with teams. Lets face it - look in Autosport each week and you get tech data and drawings as parts change on the cars - if a magazine can get their heads round it, you know damnd well that the teams are.

      People sitting in the stands timing pit-stops to know how much fuel was being put in the car - isn't that spying??

      In parc-ferme - the drivers always take a look at an opponents car when they walk passed - isn't that spying??

      Nigel Stepney was a great servent to Ferrari over the years - but got over looked in the post-MS shuffle - maybe for good reason, maybe Ferrari already had suspicions?? Then he got all bitter and twisted and ran-away with documents. What Mike Couchlan SHOULD have done was blown the whistle to the FIA and to Ferrari - not copied it, shredded it and set fire to it.

      IF Stepney had left Ferrari and gone to work for another team - with the knowledge in his head - there is nothing anybody could have done about it - lets face it, how much McLaren knowledge has Newey taken to Red Bull??

      This whole issue has got out of hand - McLaren are found guilty yet not punished - what the heck is that all about? Either it is one or another! Or is this another result of the 'Hamilton-effect'?

      OMG, I cant get away from the guy - no other driver is talked about in the race, then no commercial is played in the break without his face in it - now all our local buses have his mug all over it!!

      Back to the issue - I am a BIG Ferrari fan, but solve the issue before it damages the sport - throw them both out of the Championship and let them sort it out once and for all.