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  • B2a B2a Aug 4, 2007 17:56 Flag

    Ferrari should be expelled from F1

    Actually this is a good shout - of all my years following F1, Ferrari are ALWAYS seen as the bad guys.

    Spying has been in F1 from day one - remember the photograph of the inside of the McLaren a few years ago with the 'extra' peddle? Half of the photogrpahers in the pit-lane probably have 'arrangements' with teams. Lets face it - look in Autosport each week and you get tech data and drawings as parts change on the cars - if a magazine can get their heads round it, you know damnd well that the teams are.

    People sitting in the stands timing pit-stops to know how much fuel was being put in the car - isn't that spying??

    In parc-ferme - the drivers always take a look at an opponents car when they walk passed - isn't that spying??

    Nigel Stepney was a great servent to Ferrari over the years - but got over looked in the post-MS shuffle - maybe for good reason, maybe Ferrari already had suspicions?? Then he got all bitter and twisted and ran-away with documents. What Mike Couchlan SHOULD have done was blown the whistle to the FIA and to Ferrari - not copied it, shredded it and set fire to it.

    IF Stepney had left Ferrari and gone to work for another team - with the knowledge in his head - there is nothing anybody could have done about it - lets face it, how much McLaren knowledge has Newey taken to Red Bull??

    This whole issue has got out of hand - McLaren are found guilty yet not punished - what the heck is that all about? Either it is one or another! Or is this another result of the 'Hamilton-effect'?

    OMG, I cant get away from the guy - no other driver is talked about in the race, then no commercial is played in the break without his face in it - now all our local buses have his mug all over it!!

    Back to the issue - I am a BIG Ferrari fan, but solve the issue before it damages the sport - throw them both out of the Championship and let them sort it out once and for all.