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  • After Gonzo Alonso held up Hamilton... Did anyone notice Gonzo, towards the beginning of sector 2 on his out lap, still warming up his tires? Raikkonen had to avoid him on the high side of a right-hander during his fast lap. Shouldn't Gonzo be penalized for holding him up?

    Dennis was not too pleased with Gonzo's sign man. A little signal calling there? Inner turmoil seems to have been on the menu for most of the season for McLaren.

    Oh... What about the flex wing over the nose of the McLaren? Are flex wings not illegal in formula one?

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    • This pales in comparison to Schumacher's park job at Monaco last year. It appeared that Alonso, even after the lollipop was raised, delayed his exit from the pitstop, just long enough to disrupt his own teammate's chances of a final hot lap. Not only that, but when he re-entered the track, it was right in front of Raikkonen, who was on a flyer. It surely caused Raikkonen to lose enough time to fall behind Heidfeld and possibly Hamilton. I wonder if all the Schumacher bashers from last season will be commenting on this gross unsporting behavior by Alonso.

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      • Ok thats grate that not only me saw that, I don't even know how to call this behaviour, move made by Alonso. And what? Nothing happened?
        I new saw Massa, one of the most friendly and respected driver so angry as on last GP. He didnot said anything to anyone after but at that moment all the feeling where on his face.
        So Alonso lovers and Shumi haters be happy - now you have something even worse to love and hate, some animal on wheel without any selfrespect and respect to others.