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  • Sean Sean Aug 4, 2007 22:35 Flag

    Hungarian Grand Prix

    Ok thats grate that not only me saw that, I don't even know how to call this behaviour, move made by Alonso. And what? Nothing happened?
    I new saw Massa, one of the most friendly and respected driver so angry as on last GP. He didnot said anything to anyone after but at that moment all the feeling where on his face.
    So Alonso lovers and Shumi haters be happy - now you have something even worse to love and hate, some animal on wheel without any selfrespect and respect to others.

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    • If all is supposed to be fair in this sport, should'nt blocking in the pits be considered as bad as blocking on the track?
      For this to be fair surely fernando should be dropped to Q10? or am i missing something.

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      • Alonso should be sent to the back of the grid for blocking. He blames the team for keeping him in the pit, but from review, he remained there even after the lollipop was raised. Lewis should be furious and Ferrari should also look for the incident to be investigated, for it's impact on Kimi's hot lap. Where are all the Mclaren supporters? What can you possibly say to defend this? Right, I'm sure this is all part of another Ferrari scam....
        Mark this down on Alonso's growing list of indiscretions. He will soon be passing Schumacher, not in wins, poles, or fastest laps, but in black eyes.