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  • Susan Susan Aug 4, 2007 23:15 Flag

    Alonso grest world champion or cheating little toe rag?

    I am certain that he would be second as his showing has been all weekend. If I were Ron I would knock him backwards by way of strategy. There is more than on way to skin a cat! He can soon be dropped back a place with little risk to the result! Hope Raikkonen protests! Cheating little toe rag

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    • I would like alonso to be 22nd in the world championship because hes rubbish little cheater.I do hope drivers like heidfeld, kubica,hamilton,massa,raikkoen and maybe even kovalihen to be ahead of him in the world championship.

    • I've read a ton of articles and posts on this topic and this is what I think:

      Yes, Hamilton disobeyed an order. Was it right or wrong? Not for me to say, but if I was the current points leader and I was told to let my teammate go first over a fuel burning issue, I'm not so sure I would have obeyed either. If he needed to burn more fuel, than maybe he should have been given less fuel to begin with. Team mistake?? This is competition and everyone is looking for the advantage. In Hamilton's mind, Alonso gets an advantage if he slows to let him go first. I understand where he is coming from.

      Yes, Alonso clearly deliberately blocked Hamilton in the pits. He knew Hamilton had been faster and flat out tried to throw his weight of being a 2 time (chump) to teach him a lesson. It was under-handed, wrong, and hurt the team alot more than if he had just settled for 2nd on the grid since Hamilton probably would have out-driven him and out-qualified him like he has the whole season.

      In comparing this to Schumacher at Monaco in 2006. Blocking is blocking no matter where and to whom. I read this example in another post and feel it is correct, "If I kill my sister or a person I don't know, the punishment is the same. I go to jail." Whether it's in the middle of the track or in the pits, he still blocked an opponent. Whether it is 1 or 10 opponents doesn't matter. I actually feel what Alonso did was worse than Schumi because Alonso did it to his own teammate. I felt Alonso should have gone to the back of the grid, just like the punishment to Schumacher. Schumacher may have won the championship last year had he not done that stupid move an now Alonso doesn't deserve it this year. I think all the driver's egos get in the way.

    • i thought his trainer was on the pit wall, unusual place for a trainer like but then we have seen people standing there before who seem to have no need to be there

    • actually i think his punishment was about right - yes MS did block the track and Alonso only blocked (effectivley) another driver - so fairs fair.

    • Actually if you read the latest reports, LH has started messing with the whole session first, not respecting team orders to let Alonso go in front during fuel-burning laps.
      He apparently used very disrespectful words to express that to Dennis. LH didnt let Alonso pass, and thats why Alonso held him up. So in fact Alonso didnt "cheat" he just made sure he'd teach the kid a lesson or two.

      And it can't be easy for FA to be in a team that's all concentrating on making LH a legend in his rookie year.
      Teammates maybe but racing eachother thats for sure.

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      • Your on a different planet mate if you think that Alonso did not 'cheat' by holding up Hamilton in the pits to 'deny' him a final qualifying lap. So what if Hamilton did not respect team orders at the fuel burning stage, it was hardly do or die as Alonso was only marginally lighter than Hamilton. If anything those idiots at McLaren should have let Alonso out first if they wanted both drivers to maximise their strategy.

    • If I were Ron Dennis I'd drop Alonso from the next two GPs and use the 3rd driver.This action by Alonso cannot go unpunished by the team.

    • williamsrenault fan : you're a #$%$

      All your posts are about trashing ferrari for one thing or another.
      Say does it still hurt up your bummy thinking of all those years ferrari ruled the sport?
      Cos its true, last time williams had a good car was...was....wait i dont remember cos i couldnt care!
      With pilots like damon hill? more exciting to go watch snooker...
      So u can go on and on about MS here or Massa not clocking the best times..doesnt change the facts on the track. And it wont help the pain u have up your #$%$! ;-) Williams AND Renault are behind Ferrari, get used to it and quit your constant whining..

    • Hamilton is one driver and did it in the pit lane were as schumacher humpt the rest of the grid on the track.
      Big difference.

    • Interesting,
      Now Alonso is blaming Hamilton for todays events saying he ignored team orders and put himself in that position. Dennis has agreed with this statement.

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      • yes i noticed alonso's story, which may explain the first time, when he was held by the team and the tyre warmer got stuck.
        however the second time he was sitting with no tyre warmers on and the lollypop had been raised for 5 odd seconds with ppl gesturing with him to move.
        now the stewards are involved, alonso is clearly guilty of blocking, it would be a 10 place drop minimum, so they need a cover story.
        dennis should have black flagged the lap alonso was on and they would have still finished 1 - 2 but this time the right way round with lewis on pole.

      • Which position? To violate rules? If the team wanted Hamilton to not have another lap, they could have stopped him longer, it Alonso did not have to violate rules to do that himself. Therefore it seems rather likely that it was not the teams decision, but Alonso's and the team is now just covering up because they are afraid of their points if Alonso would get punished.

    • quote alonso

      formula one is no longer a sport

      well that was a very sporting move wasnt it

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