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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 6, 2007 00:55 Flag

    Alonso grest world champion or cheating little toe rag?

    Wake up and smell the coffee u idiots, Try tell me that the so called{BEST EVER}-(SHUMI) had never pulled the likes of this and worse again to steal a win? That is along with most drivers competing on this stage, Along with Nascar and all different formulas.
    So alonso held the cocky little fuk up for a few sec's, But had you's not noticed how slow this cocky little pox took to get by the starting line? He's outlap had stich up writing all over it. If he was italian or any other nationality do you think all this shit would be happening? NO & THATS FOR SURE. He's the great brit hope, This is why the arrogant fool is allowed believe he can get away with ignoring(Ron Denis). The very man who paid for the food on he's familys table as well as paying for he's carting. This is a thankless fool who has gone and bit the hand that has been feeding him as well as his family for a long time now. So the moral of this story is that, Alonso is a F-1 Champion (TWICE). This thankless kid is nothing, Yes he looks great on track, He's a racer with the wind on he's back while leading the championship on merit at the moment, But if you Strip all that away what you have left is a spoilt kid with the world at his feet, Thats screwing up...........

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    • I fully agree with you on your points about Hamilton.
      Enough arrogance to disrespect Ron Dennis? Shame. Cause he looks like he's going to be a racing legend.
      But these moves don't go down well in history. We see it on this board when it comes down to Schumi.. his skills are overshadowed by the cheat you see in him.