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  • B2a B2a Aug 4, 2007 23:31 Flag

    Alonso grest world champion or cheating little toe rag?

    Would the same be said if it was the other way round?

    All the new 'I've followed him his whole career' Hamilton fans would be saying what a wise move it was - Schumacher 'blocked' at Monaco last year and was sent to the back - I trust the FIA will do the same to Alonso!

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    • I am not a LH fan I just watch a bit of grand prix. A cheat is a cheat, and your own team mate. Its just so desperate and underhand if you dont nip cheating in the bud it will end up like the football full of cheats with the drivers sugaring each others petrol tanks, letting each others tyres down and the old potatoe in the exhaust trick. I dont care who they are a cheat is a cheat

    • It's an inteam situation, nothing to do with the fia. The team should punish Alonso, no one else.
      I had respect for Alonso and what he's achieved, but this was blatant cheating against his own team mate, and if he can do that to a supposed mate & friend, i would'nt want to know what he'd do to his enemy. Dirty trick none the less.

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      • He didn't win any favors within the Mclaren camp with this manouvre. However, timing his pit exit to come out right in front of Kimi is a bit unsporting as well. Ferrari are probably waiting to see if Charlie Whiting will investigate the pit incident before lodging some sort of dispute. Either way, Ron Dennis' claims of having the utmost integrity on his team took another hit today. This following Briatore's call to have Mclaren banned from the championship this year, and Flavio blaming Dennis directly for the mass damper investigation last season. It certainly is a dark day for Mclaren, despite the lock out of the front row.